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 Make an analysis of investment casting for you

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Make an analysis of investment casting for you Empty
PostSubject: Make an analysis of investment casting for you   Make an analysis of investment casting for you Icon_minitimeThu Nov 14, 2013 5:37 am

Casting wax is usually coated with several layers of refractory surface,let dry curing,which will be made to melt the wax mold shell,and then calcined,and then casting,the casting method to obtain,because to obtain castings with high dimensional accuracy and surface finish,so called 'Casting'.This article make a comprehensive analysis to the methods of investment casting manufacturers,advantages and development of the process.

Investment casting process is to create the first investment casting,investment casting is used to form refractory shell mold cavity medium model,so to obtain high dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the casting,investment casting itself should first have a high dimension accuracy and surface finish.Besides the performance of investment casting itself as much as possible should be made subsequent shell processes easy.In order to obtain the high quality requirements of investment casting,in addition should have good pressure type,you must also select the appropriate materials and reasonable molding molding processes.

Molding materials to be able to ensure accurate dimensions easily obtained and surface finish,high strength,light weight melting mold,it should also shell castings manufacturing and create conditions for good. Mold material generally used wax,natural resins and plastics preparation.

The advantage of casting is mainly reflected in two aspects:

1.As castings have a high dimensional accuracy and surface finish,machining work can be reduced,but higher on the part of the site to stay a little allowance, leaving only the even some casting grinding, polishing than volume,without mechanical processing can be used.Thus,the use of investment casting method can save a lot of machine tools and machining time, substantial savings metal raw materials.

2.casting various alloys can be cast complex castings, especially can cast superalloy castings.With investment casting process to produce not only mass production can be done to ensure the consistency of the casting, machining and avoid residual knife pattern of stress concentration.

Casting the development process:

Casting since the 1940s,after the development of industrial production for half a century has been developing at a faster rate.1996 World Investment casting industry in North America accounted for 50%, Europe 25%, Asia 20%, and the remaining 5%,North America accounted for 95% in the U.S.,while Europe accounted for 42% of the United Kingdom,France 26%, Germany 19%,Italy 7%, The remaining 6%. Now Casting Except for the aviation,weapons departments, used in almost all industrial sectors,especially electronics,petroleum,chemicals, energy, transportation,light industry,textile,pharmaceutical, medical equipment,pumps and valves and other departments.Because casting,especially in the field of industrial production unique advantages,so the current development of casting fast.

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Make an analysis of investment casting for you
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